034 - Spring 1996

Cite 34

Cover and Table of Contents

Citelines: RDA Events and Gala

CiteSurvey: Welcome Wagon | Soft Touch | Mufflers-Museums | Houston Framework | Home Stretch | Rice Elevators

Featured Articles

Loose Fit: The Houston Museum District
By Peter C. Papademetriou

The Twombly Gallery and the Making of the Place
By William F. Stern

Neighborhood of Make Believe: The Houston Theater District
By Drexel Turner

Fifth Ward
By David Theis

Visible Connections: The Public Art of Luis Jimenez
By Drexel Turner and Bruce C. Webb

Bright Lights Strip City
By Larry Albert

West Side Story
By Nonya Grenader

HomeCite: Airing Out
By Margaret Culbertson
At Home With Anderson Todd
By Frank Welch
Casa Lucida/Casa Obscura
By Paterick Peters

Citeseeing: Graphic Details: The Wall Art of Houston’s East Side
By Susie Kalil and Ann Walton Sieber

Citereading: Simply Complex | The Texas Rangers | The City Is a Book
Reviews by Danny Samuels, Alberto Perez-Gomez and Richard Howard

HindCite: Full Circle
By Bruce C. Webb

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