037 - Spring 1997

Cite 37

Cover and Table of Contents

CiteLines: Cite Calendar

ReCite: OpEd | Letters

CiteSurvey: Simms Bayou | UH Summer Programs | Moore House | HOC

CiteSpecific: Context Poem
By J. Pittman McGehee

Featured Articles

Fountains and Fireworks
By Richard C. Rome

Fifty Fountains in Houston
By Barrie Scardino

Water Wold
By Barrie Scardino

Bayou Bend Gardens
By Jane Anderson Curtis

Albert Sheppard Remembers Bayou Bend
By David B. Warren

Fortress Houston
By Michael King

Never Mind the Bollards: Houston Industries Plaza
By Joel Warren Barna

Stella Studio Houston
By Barrie Scardino

4 Installations: Sol LeWitt at Rice
By William F. Stern

CiteReading: Lake/Flato Architects | Galveston Architecture Guidebook; The Alleys and Back Buildings of Galveston: An Architectural and Social History | Ladders
Reviews by Stephen Fox, Barry Moore, and Robert Fishman

HindCite: CRS Serene
By Jay Baker

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