043 - Winter 1999

Cite 43

Cover and Table of Contents


Citelines: Revising Chapter 42 | Rethinking Main Street16 HousesRDA Gala

Guest Editor’s Letter
by Lynn M. Herbert

Featured Articles

Looking for God’s House
By J. Pittman McGehee and Paula J. Webb

Art and the Sacred
By Lynn M. Herbert

The Churches and Synagogues of Gary Cunningham
By Barbara Koerble

Houses of the Holy
Photo Essay by Paul Hester

To Die For: In Death, Desigin Matters
By Mitchell J. Shields

Building a Houston Practice: The Career of S.I. Morris
By Barry Moore

The State Of the Park: Hermann Park Update
By Jim Zook

Cite Reading: Places of Prayer: Church Builders
Review by Barrie Scardino

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