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Our Mission

The Rice Design Alliance and the Cite editorial committee launched OffCite.org in December 2008. OffCite features the authoritative and thoughtful voices found in the print magazine, Cite: The Architecture + Design Review of Houston and seeks to bring additional writers to the discussion. The blog features reviews, architectural news roundups, photo essay outtakes, podcasts, and more. If bulldozers threaten a historic building, if a new transit plan is announced, the blog aims to provide a forum for reflection, analysis, and action. OffCite is supported in part by a grant from the Susan Vaughan Foundation.

The opinions expressed on Offcite.org do not necessarily represent the views of the board of directors of the Rice Design Alliance.

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Please send an email to mankad [at] rice [dot] edu. Also feel free to call at 713 348 4783.

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