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True heart-shaped paperweight.

Pound of Flesh Paperweight by Walteria Living, found at Kuhl-Linscomb.

Will You Design My Valentine? Great Gift Ideas for Your Love Bun

Get this: nobody knows which of three martyred St. Valentines we revere on February 14th – the priest from Rome, the Bishop of Terni, or the man of unknown rank martyred in Tunisia. But the darkest secret behind this celebration honoring the unique spirits of the ones you love? The Church can’t even recall the gifts of supreme sacrifice these poor Valentines offered up to achieve their holy statures.

But you, my dear sirs and madams, are expected to forge on ahead. To out Valentine the saints and deliver up gifts that are thoughtful and romantic. The kind memorable enough to remain rippling in the recesses of their recipients’ memories forever. Or at least until next year.

Oh, don’t worry: we’ll help you avoid the obscurity of being yet another person unable to deliver something with pizzazz on this special day with a few traditionally inspired, yet 21st century gift ideas designed to keep the love alive year round…

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