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Pedestrian realm cross-section showing a 15 foot minimum distance from a mixed-use development to the street [From City of Houston Urban Corridor Planning]

Houston: The Walking City

The city released an implementation report for the urban corridor planning initiative, which aims to “create a high quality urban environment in areas along METRO’s light rail corridors.” It is the product of two and a half years of meetings, consultations, and public input. Many an expert has participated including David Crossley who posted an analysis on the new Houston Tomorrow website. I consider myself a lay person and reading the report was my first exposure to the whole concept, and my initial response was visceral.

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An ICE 3M train near Montabaur, on the Cologne-Frankfurt high-speed railway line. [Wikimedia Commons

Stimulus We Can Believe In

Originally published in the Houston Chronicle on November 16, 2008 By Tory Gattis, Carrol G. Robinson, and Christof Spieler

The Great Depression was a tough time for America, but it left us with an enduring legacy of good infrastructure. Bridges built in the 1930s bring commuters into San Francisco. Dams erected in the 1930s power the Northwest. An electric railroad from the 1930s carries high-speed trains from New York to Washington, D.C. A 1930s national park in the Great Smoky Mountains has twice as many visitors as any other national park. And in the 1930s, power lines brought rural Texas into the 20th century.

Today, as our economy continues to stall, congressional leaders are discussing a second stimulus plan.

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