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Hazardous: The Redlining of Houston Neighborhoods

For a larger, high-resolution version of the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) map of Houston, visit this link. Why are we so compelled to define neighborhoods as “good” or “bad”? Is there one definition of a “good” neighborhood — is it universal? Can a low-income neighborhood be a “good” neighborhood? I often wonder, and frequently […]

10.04.16 Housing
Urban Planning

Houston’s First Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income, Transit-Oriented Development

This article is an adapted excerpt from “Big Mixed-Use Developments and the Remaking of Houston” in Cite 98, which examines the economics of architecture and the way that developers, banks, and other institutions shape the built environment. Houston is in bind. We expect to welcome millions more people into the region over the coming decades, […]

08.24.16 Architecture
Urban Planning

Changing Conversations: New Hope Housing’s Unique Approach in Houston

A stigma of “hulking towers and barren blocks,” as Alan Mallach writes, is associated with affordable housing. Sam Davis, author of The Architecture of Affordable Housing, identifies a “misconception” that good design — or, rather, almost any design at all — is too expensive, unnecessary. According to that misconception, affordable housing “should be basic, safe, […]

07.19.16 Architecture

Big Living in Small Houses in the Fifth Ward

Donna Kacmar is the author of BIG Little House (Routledge, 190 pages, 2015), a study of small houses designed by architects, and professor of architecture at the University of Houston. Here, she writes about four small houses designed by her students in collaboration with the Fifth Ward Redevelopment Corporation. The projects were presented to the […]

05.03.16 Architecture

Nine Ways to Make Houston Affordable (Again)

A feeling of malaise, even panic, has permeated a swath of Houstonians even as we receive national attention for job growth. We have lost Houston’s greatest attribute — affordability. Erin Mulvaney reported for the Houston Chronicle on the spike in housing costs and quoted a couple moving to Portland, Oregon, for the lower rents! A […]

12.19.14 Housing

The Beautiful Projects: Contradiction and Complexity in Houston’s Multifamily Housing

This essay appears in a slightly different form in the new issue of Cite, “The Beautiful Periphery.” The issue is available for purchase at Brazos Bookstore and River Oaks Bookstore, as well as the bookstores at the Menil Collection; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the Contemporary Arts Museum; and the Blaffer Art Museum. Read […]

07.11.14 Architecture

ICYMI: Why the ExxonMobil Building is Cool and Other News from the End of November

Exterior of Humble Oil Building. Image: Michelangelo Sabatino. It’s not only Cite contributor and architect Matt Johnson who has concerns about what Ziegler Cooper has proposed to do to the 44-story ExxonMobil Building. The renderings show how the 1962 building’s distinctive seven-foot-deep brise-soleil shades would be covered up by a new armor of energy-efficient glazed […]

12.03.13 Architecture