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The Future Now: Living Carless in Houston

The new issue of Cite explores “speculative ideas for the near future,” as guest editor Nicola Springer writes in her introduction to the issue. Here, urban planner Carson Lucarelli discusses his choice to sell his car — in one of the most car-friendly cities in the U.S. To see all the content from “The Future […]

11.04.15 Houston
Public Transit

Cite 97: The Future Now

The new issue of Cite (97) has been mailed and will be available soon at the Brazos Bookstore, CAMH, MFAH, River Oaks Bookstore, and other stores. Below is an excerpt from the introduction to the issue by guest editor Nicola Springer Redraw the charts, trace the maps, shade between the lines … this was my […]

10.22.15 Architecture
Art & Culture
Cite Magazine