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X-Change: Bold Visions for EaDo Streets

Last June, Janette Sadik Khan, the former transportation commissioner for New York, tweeted: “A smart street can speak for itself anywhere. No translation needed.” Accompanying her tweet were before and after photos of a street in Addis Ababa. In the after image, low-cost interventions — traffic cones, paint, and chalk — extend the sidewalks. Pedestrians […]

03.02.17 Urban Planning

Ten Major Changes in the Plans to Expand I-45 You Might Not Know About

Also known as I45NorthAndMore.com, the North Houston Highway Improvement Project has made headlines not only because of the potential removal of the Pierce Elevated, but also of the possibility of turning it instead into a Sky Park. There’s nothing quite so fetching in urban design these days as a Sky Park, but if you look […]

05.30.15 Infrastructure