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Tour the Houston Ship Channel and Behold Its Awesome Power

This article by Geneva Vest is part of a special series called #H2Ouston. If you’re looking for a day trip to kick off this spring weather, look no further than the Sam Houston Boat Tour. The Houston Port Authority offers a free 90-minute tour of the Houston Ship Channel for the aquatically curious. When I […]

04.07.17 Environment

Growing Risks: Balancing Houston’s Prosperity and Air Quality, Part 2

Houston Ship Channel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The post below is the second in a two-part series on the complexities of air pollution in Houston. Click here to read Part 1. Each post excerpts “Growing Risks” by Larry Soward, a former Commissioner at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The full article is available in the […]

03.04.14 Environment

Growing Risks: Balancing Houston's Prosperity and Air Quality, Part 1

Animation of Air Quality Index (AQI), a combination of ozone and particulate matter, over 24-hour period. Source: airnow.gov. The map of cancer risk associated with exposure to air toxins shown on the cover of Cite 93 and further discussed on this blog has been picked up by Swamplot, Houston Chronicle, KHOU, and CW39 NewsFix. The […]

02.26.14 Environment

CiteSeeing: Silospace

Interior of gravel silo on Buffalo Bayou. Photo: Allyn West. OffCite invites short essays, reviews, and observations on specific moments and places. Interested in contributing your own? Let us know. The gravel silos stand in a row. Vines snake up one side; newer gray rectangles of paint cover up the surfaces that kids with cans […]

02.21.14 Unusual