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Evelyn’s Park: Bellaire’s First Front Yard

Follow OffCite’s Synthetic Nature series that supplements the forthcoming issue of Cite (99). Use the hashtag #SyntheticNature to view related content on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Opened in 1910, Teas Nursery occupied a healthy 5-acre lot at the intersection of Bellaire Boulevard and Newcastle Drive for nearly a century, until the Teas family sold the […]

01.04.17 Design

Community Design: How a New Pocket Park Came to the Near Northside

Not all vacant lots are the same. Some are nestled between residential lots and looked after by neighbors; some are littered and adjacent to highways; still others have a nascent appeal that can benefit from the right intervention. One such lot is located along Fulton Street between Panama Street and Hammock Street in the Near […]

07.14.16 Design

The Houston Transformation and The City Beautiful: A Discussion with Andrew Albers and Ernesto Alfaro

The Cultural Landscape Foundation will hold a conference in Houston, March 11-13, called Leading with Landscape II: The Houston Transformation. The expert-led panels and discussions will feature the world-class projects by the leading practitioners working in Houston. This is the first part in a three-part interview that Cite Editor Raj Mankad conducted with Andrew Albers […]

03.07.16 Design

Paradise at the Parking Lot

Parking Day, in Houston and all over the world, just happened last Friday. Organized in San Francisco in 2005 by design firm Rebar and embraced by landscape architects, designers, architects, and others worldwide, the event draws attention to the overwhelming amount of concrete dedicated to parking, and what might otherwise go there. On Parking Day […]

09.21.15 Infrastructure
Urban Planning

Will the Urban Highway Reclamation Movement Come to Houston?

Pierce Elevated in Downtown Houston. Photo: Russell Hancock. It’s not just San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, Saint Louis, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and Providence anymore. Even Dallas is doing it. Dallas! Cities nationwide are demolishing, rerouting, moving underground, or capping urban highways — reversing the devastating effects of the golden age of the […]

04.08.14 Design

Super Little Things: What a New Sidewalk at De Zavala Park Means

DeZavala Elementary School students connect the dots. Photo: CDRC. Paint. Some masking tape. That’s it. That’s all it took to brighten a sidewalk at De Zavala Elementary School in Magnolia Park — and help to brighten the entire neighborhood a bit. Directed by Susan Rogers, who also serves as chair of the Cite editorial committee, […]

11.20.13 Design

Massa Lemu on Bayou-Fish Cyborgs

Painting from the Smoked Tilapia series, acrylic on paper, 30 by 22 inches, Massa Lemu, 2010 Houston’s bayous are fantastically bizarre. Some stretches of Buffalo, Little White Oak, Greens, and other bayous appear close to a “natural” state. Others are radically engineered by humans into straightened trapezoidal forms. Strangest of all, however, are the ways […]

06.07.12 Environment

Unexpected City: Sheldon State Park

Three ponds at Sheldon State Park. All photographs by Theresa Keefe and Keith Koski. OffCite presents the fourth submission to the Unexpected City challenge, made by Theresa Keefe. Click here to learn about making your own submission. Sheldon State Park is a wonderfully unexpected place in Houston. It is located in east Houston, wedged in […]

01.24.11 Environment
Unexpected City

Sharpstown Back to the Future

Spectators watch as the rotation of a house in Sharpstown is completed. It is 11 a.m. on a Thursday in Sharpstown, Houston. Roughly forty spectators sit obediently on metal benches provided by Cherry House Moving Company — a mix of Rice University students, architects, “just in for the day” New York art scenesters and garden-variety […]

11.19.10 Environment

Can Market Square Honor and Break from Past?

Houston Market Square Park, designed by Lauren Griffith Associates and Ray + Hollington Architects, featuring James Surls’s “Points of View.”  Photo by Hank Hancock. Visitors to the new Market Square Park in the past couple of weeks have seen significant changes, and many are distinctly hopeful about what it all means for Downtown. Designed by […]

09.17.10 Place