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Ruby City: David Adjaye Designs an “Important Civic Moment” for San Antonio

You can see in the renderings of Ruby City, the building David Adjaye Associates has designed to hold the Linda Pace Foundation’s art collection in San Antonio, the same “skewed, swelling shapes” that architectural historian Stephen Fox praises in his essay in Cite 78. “[Adjaye’s] buildings,” writes Fox, “don’t conform to their programs and sites; […]

06.02.16 Architecture

Particularities of Place: A Response to the Landscape Architecture of Christophe Girot

This is the second in a series of response to the Spring 2016 RSA/RDA Lecture Series, Projective Infrastructures. To read Oliver’s and Veras’ response to the first lecture by Chris Reed of Stoss, click here. How we choose to represent a landscape can reveal as much about us as our representations do about their ostensible […]

02.29.16 Design

Permaculture by a Different Name: On Diana Balmori’s Arc Wildlife Crossing

This is a response to the third lecture in the RSA/RDA Spring 2016 Lecture Series, Projective Infrastructures. To view excerpts from the lectures, click to RDA’s Vimeo page. To read OffCite’s other coverage of the lectures, including an essay about another Balmori project, GrowOnUs, use the tag Projective Infrastructures. Diana Balmori of Balmori Associates presented […]

02.24.16 Architecture

A Garden Grows in Brooklyn: An Experimental Landscape Thrives in Notoriously Polluted Gowanus Canal

Diana Balmori of Balmori Associates will lecture in Houston on Wednesday, February 17, for the Rice School of Architecture/Rice Design Alliance Spring 2016 series, Projective Infrastructures. The lecture will be held at 6 p.m. at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn might be the most polluted body of water in […]

02.16.16 Environment

Actively Provoking Participation: A Response to the Landscape Urbanism of Chris Reed and Stoss

Here, Oliver and Veras respond to the first lecture in the Rice School of Architecture/Rice Design Alliance Series, Projective Infrastructures. For more about the series, watch this preview video. The next lecture will be Christophe Girot on Wednesday, February 10. Join the event on Facebook! At first, the way Stoss founder Chris Reed described the […]

02.03.16 Design