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The Mobility Challenge: A Personal Essay

This post is accompanied by a pocket-sized zine, designed by Evan O’Neil and printed by Mystic Multiples on a risograph, that you will be able to find at Houston-area coffee shops and transit centers. We want you to share your story of the city with us by emailing rda@rice.edu or posting to social media with […]

01.23.17 Public Transit

Big Thinking on Skinnier Streets: New Books on Transportation

Books on urbanism and transportation innovation are having their moment. Here’s a look at five that have come out in the last year alone, starting with Streetfight by Janette Sadik-Khan, who is in Houston this week for a talk sponsored by Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Wednesday, May 18, at 6:30 pm, at […]

05.17.16 Reviews

Street View: Houston is the 53 Briar Forest

Every day for almost a year I caught the 5:00 a.m. 53 Briar Forest Limited bus from a stop close to Downtown, and I rode it all the way to the end of the line, getting off at Westside High School, where I started my day as a science teacher. The two-hour ride got me […]

06.12.15 Place
Public Transit

Should Streetcars and Bus Rapid Transit Be in Houston’s Future?

City-wide gridlock. Long stretches of highway that look like parking lots, not at rush hour, but midday. Welcome back to traffic panic, Houston. In the past we have given ourselves brief reprieves by widening our highways, but there’s little appetite for swallowing up whole neighborhoods for right-of-way and no money to do such a thing. […]

12.08.14 Public Transit

Taming the Beast: An Unofficial Guide to Riding METRO

A right turn on Main Street in the Med Center. Photo: Allyn West. The inaugural Sunday Streets HTX takes place this Sunday, April 6, along White Oak and Quitman in the Heights. There will be plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. But how, in Houston, do you get to an event that purposefully excludes […]

04.04.14 Public Transit

ICYMI: The Light of Texas According to Renzo Piano and Other News from December 2-6

Piano Pavilion at Kimbell Art Museum. Photo: Robert LaPrelle. Menil Collection architect Renzo Piano — whose addition to Louis Kahn’s Kimbell Art Museum just opened in Fort Worth — explains in an interview with Glasstire why he loves working in Texas: “You may be used to the light in Texas, but it’s a special light. […]

12.09.13 Architecture
Public Transit

ICYMI: Metro's Moves and Other News from November 17-22

Houston Metro bus. Photo: TTMG. As Metro continues to re-imagine our transit system, the board came down this week in favor of measures that would increase ridership rather than expand coverage: “After lengthy discussion, the board voted to recommend to its planning staff that 80 percent of resources should be put toward the goal of […]

11.25.13 Architecture