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Ron Witte on Civic Hubris

A two-million-square-foot building designed by WW Architecture. All images courtesy WW unless noted. To introduce himself to the Glasscock School class for “Spotlight on Rice Architecture School,” Ron Witte said in comparison to his wife, Dean Sarah Whiting, his partner in their practice WW and the first speaker in our series, that she’s the more […]

11.17.11 Architecture

Nonya Grenader and Danny Samuels on Architecture and Community

Rice Solar Decathlon House on National Mall. Photo by Eric Hester The third session of “Spotlight on the Rice School of Architecture” featured Nonya Grenader and Danny Samuels who co-teach introductory courses at the Rice School of Architecture and lead the Rice Building Workshop. (See all posts in the series here.) The workshop is an […]

10.21.11 Architecture

Carlos Jiménez on Tempos of Time and Future Outcomes

Columbia Street House, Carlos Jiménez Design Studio, all images from Paul Hester, Hester + Hardaway Photographers In the second installment of the “Spotlight on the Rice School of Architecture,” faculty member Carlos Jiménez took up the central theme “The Future of Design” by interrogating that notion, the future, and considering the value of related concepts […]

09.28.11 Architecture

Sarah Whiting on Imagined Futures

Frank Lloyd Wright sketch for Broadacre City The eight-week course “Spotlight on Rice University School of Architecture,” which is offered by the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, began on Tuesday with an introduction by Dean Sarah Whiting to architecture as an academic discipline. The focus on how architecture is taught and studied required an examination, […]

09.19.11 Architecture

A Brief History of Futures

Biosphère Montréal designed by Buckminster Fuller, 1967 The Rice School of Architecture has put together a special course for the general public and its starts tonight. You can register here. The first meeting will be led by Dean Sarah Whiting. She will give a “brief history of futures envisioned by architects,” setting the theme for […]

09.13.11 Architecture